• Wide product range directly from stock (more than 100,000 different items)
    • Efficient logistics and warehousing
    • Fast delivery and short delivery terms
    • 24-hour Assistance Centre


Less work and more time
We offer planning advice, purchasing plan and maintenance of industrial elements.

»Everything in one place«
For streamlining the process and easier purchase management we offer a wide variety of high-quality products at competitive prices.


    • Products made by world-class quality manufactures
    • High standards of supplier selection
    • Quality checked products
    • Professional warehousing and dispatch control

Big energy savings and decreasing production costs
With the right choice and replacement of outdated products with energy-efficient ones.

Prolonging lifetime and increasing efficiency of machines and devices
With high-quality products and regular maintenance of machines and devices.


    • Availability of highly-qualified experts.
    • Individual consulting for the solving of technical problems.
    • Possibility of supplying non-standard products.
    • Stock in lign with technological developments and industry trends.

Knowledge and useful information acquisition
For faster and more efficient technical and economic decision-making, we offer you specialist knowledge, many years of experience and direct access to producer information.

Outsourced management of customer’s spare parts and materials
Using our expert knowledge and many years of experience in stock management, we can rationalize your purchasing, create and maintain your key product stock.