Cleaning agents

Professional cleaners and degreasers are designed to clean and degrease mechanical parts and machines in all industries. The products enable gentle and reliable surface treatment for maintenance and hygiene needs or are used for further treatment. The necessary and sometimes time consuming work can be performed quicker and with better quality if you have the right and quality product. In addition to cleaning and degreasing features, these products are environmentally and user friendly.

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Before using a product it is important to know the quality of the material, the effect of the cleaning agent and the handling instructions.

We offer a wide range of innovative and highly effective cleaners and degreasers for general and specialized applications!

Our range of products comprises:

  • general cleaners,
  • cleaners for food and pharmaceutical industry,
  • solvent cleaners,
  • electronics cleaners,
  • facilities management,
  • personal hygiene agents.
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