Industrial wheels

Given the characteristics of the load, the tread and the type of bearing arrangement we offer various price classes of wheels manufactured by Liv Kolesa, d.o.o. and LAG.

Casters and wheels are made of various materials depending on their use:

  • Rubber is a wheel bonding suitable when easy rolling wheels and low vibrations during transport are required. Rolling resistance is lower than that of the pneumatic wheel.
  • Polyurethane is a bonding offering high load bearing capacity, with good abrasion and tear resistance. It cannot withstand hot water and vapour.
  • Pneumatic wheels offer optimum floor protection and move freely over obstructions and rough floors. Pneumatic wheels provide smooth and shock resistant operation.
  • Polyamide and polypropylene wheels have smooth running performance on even floors and can withstand fluids and chemicals..
  • Bakelite wheels enable high load bearing capacity and high temperature resistance (up to 270°). They are recommended for use on even and smooth floors and suitable for furnaces and dryers.
  • Cast iron wheels are extremely long wearing, temperature resistant, enable heavy loads but are not good shock absorbers.

Our wide range of products comprises:

  • wheels for general purpose
  • stainless steel wheels
  • container wheels
  • heavy duty wheels
  • levelling wheels
  • healthcare and hospital wheels
  • temperature resistant wheels

In our range of products you can also find different types of transport carts of various bearing capacities, roll containers and folding roll carts that fold for easy storage. When unfolded, they are an indispensable accessory in bakery industry. In shops they are an ideal accessory to fill the shop racks.

Choose from Premium brands:

Our experts are on hand to help with any technical support and advice you may require. We will gladly assist you in finding the most appropriate technical solution.