Tolls and other accessories

With the use of proper tools we significantly reduce the servicing time and ensure the correct instalment and the long term sealing.

In addition to the quality seals, we offer a variety of tools manufactured by quality manufacturers:

  • The strip removal tool enables a quick and easy removal of worn braids from the grooves.
  • With the strip cutter, the cutting of striped braided packings to the desired length and at the proper angle is very fast and easy.
  • The three finger plier is a seal installation tool used for bending hydraulic seal without damaging it. It enables much quicker and easier seal installation.
  • Silicon grease is recommended for use prior to installation of semerings, o-rings and other seals. Silicone grease protects and nourishes the seal, thus prolonging its life. At the same time it ensures correct and easy installation without damaging the seal.
  • Seal removal spray is used for easier removal of tough gaskets and rubber seals. It cleans and prepares the installation place for the new sealant.
    We also recommend the use of various special sealing pastes, depending on application.
Choose from Premium brands:

Our experts are on hand to help with any technical support and advice you may require. We will gladly assist you in finding the most appropriate technical solution.