Standard machine elements

Standard machine elements are primarily used in machine building and mechanical maintenance to replace defective parts. A key advantage of the inclusion of standard machine elements in the construction of the machine is easy replacement and supply in the case of failure.

standardni strojni elementi

Our extensive range of standard machine elements comprises:

  • operating elements,
  • machine handles,
  • machine lever handles,
  • door opening handles,
  • lever knobs,
  • machine setting knobs,
  • measuring instruments installed in the machines,
  • position indicating and end elements,
  • joints,
  • machine feet,
  • machine door hinges,
  • closing mechanism and machine door locks,
  • mechanical clamps,
  • oil level indicators, oil covers.


The wide spread application of pneumatics in all kinds of industries is based on the use of simple pneumatic cylinders and valves that work on the principle of switched on or off air flow. The basic characteristic of pneumatic systems is a long life and little maintenance required. Machines are powered by compressed gases, usually compresses ambient air, or compressed inert gases. To prevent condensation, water vapour is removed from the compresses air and a small amount of pneumatic lubricating oil is added to protect against corrosion. A centrally located and electric-driven air compressors power air cylinders, air motors and other pneumatic devices.


Our range of products comprises:

  • Air treatment
  • Pressure and temperature gauges
  • Valves
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Vacuum technology
  • Hose couplings
  • Fittings

Conveyor belts

Our sales programme of conveyor belts comprises high quality products manufactured by Volta belting. Volta has been a world leader in the manufacture of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) conveyors and belts for over 50 years. Volta belts have a unique characteristic of being homogenous and are all extruded in one piece without factory splicing, which significantly increases the speed of delivery and flexibility in customer relations. Volta Belting’s innovative technology and experienced services can fulfil the requirements of even the most demanding customers in more than fifty countries. Volta meets the highest standards of quality, reliability and a long life time of products.

Volta belting divides its production range by industry:

1. General industry and GenCon conveyor belts: GenCon trakama:

  • paper industry
  • wood industry
  • recycling
  • automotive industry
  • construction industry

2. Flat belts for the food industry:

  • meat and poultry
  • seafood
  • fruit and vegetables
  • bakery industry
  • chees manufacture

The quality of Volta food conveyors and belts is FDA/USDA certified.

Conveyor chains

Flat top chains are used for handling loads and are the basic elements of conveyors and conveyor lines. Regarding the type of load, they can be made of metal or plastics, linear or bent. Flat top chains can be a good alternative to conveyor chains due to their durability and possibility to carry heavier loads. They can also be used instead of conveyor rollers.

The advantage of conveyor technonogy is that it allows quick, quiet and reliable transportation of a wide variety of materials and a quick replacement of damaged parts.

Conveyor technology

Conveyor technology plays a crucial role in the process of production automation. Because it enables prompt and reliable transportation of loads on a particular route, it is usually met in the shape of conveyor lines for transporting either raw material or products. Modular design enables numerous applicative solutions both simple and complex. Large capacities of heavy loads can be handled with minimum energy.

Vibration dumpers

Vibration dumpers reduce low and high frequency vibrations in machines, systems and structures (eg. agricultural machinery). They absorb energy and release it in a different format, so they can isolate vibration. They are manufactured from molded rubber, which is adhered between two opposing metal sheets.
The most common types of vibration dumpers are: A (ST-1), B (ST-2), C (ST-3), D (ST-4), E (ST-5), CM and CF.

Tolls and other accessories

With the use of proper tools we significantly reduce the servicing time and ensure the correct instalment and the long term sealing.

In addition to the quality seals, we offer a variety of tools manufactured by quality manufacturers:

  • The strip removal tool enables a quick and easy removal of worn braids from the grooves.
  • With the strip cutter, the cutting of striped braided packings to the desired length and at the proper angle is very fast and easy.
  • The three finger plier is a seal installation tool used for bending hydraulic seal without damaging it. It enables much quicker and easier seal installation.
  • Silicon grease is recommended for use prior to installation of semerings, o-rings and other seals. Silicone grease protects and nourishes the seal, thus prolonging its life. At the same time it ensures correct and easy installation without damaging the seal.
  • Seal removal spray is used for easier removal of tough gaskets and rubber seals. It cleans and prepares the installation place for the new sealant.
    We also recommend the use of various special sealing pastes, depending on application.

Other seals

In addition to other standard seals, we offer X-rings (extended range of O-rings), braided packing rings (sealing of larger housings), blind seal pullers (sealing of drill holes) and inflatable seals (technically improved classical contact seals).

Our offer of other seals comprises:

Machined seals

Machined seals are indispensable seals for engineers and maintenance technicians.
In our quick service workshop we are able to produce rapidly a unique custom- made seal in any size and shape!


A gasket is a mechanical seal which fills the space between two or more mating surfaces, generally to prevent leakage from or into the joined objects while under compression. Gaskets allow “less-than-perfect” mating surfaces on machine parts where they can fill irregularities.

Gaskets are made in a variety of shapes and with various materials.

  • Standard flat-ring gaskets
  • Tri-clam gaskets
  • Self-adhesive braided packings

We offer a wide range of gasket materials for various applications, from the general purpose gasket materials to the technically most demanding!

Braided packings

Braided packings ensure reliable, cost –effective sealing both in linear and rotational applications as well as in the static sealing applications. They are used for sealing in valves, pumps, agitators and other rotary equipment. They are resistant to high temperatures, direct chemical exposures, vapour, abrasive materials, etc. Braided packing from our offer are produced from the newest and most advanced materials that meet different technological demands, from the applications with drinking water to the high standards of nuclear energy.

Hydraulic and pneumatic seals

Hydraulic seals and pneumatic seals are the key elements of many machines. They are designed for the reciprocating motion that is common in hydraulic and pneumatic applications, such as cylinders. They block the leakage of media from the system and protect the media against contamination. Due to their wide application in all industries, they must be of high quality, extremely durable and resistant to high pressures and wear.

Our wide range of hydraulic and pneumatic seals comprises different types of seals, rod seals, piston seals, leading seals, bonded seals and imitators.


The O-ring may be used in static applications or in dynamic applications where there is relative motion between the parts and the O-ring. O-rings are one of the most common seals used in machine design because they are inexpensive, easy to make, reliable, and have simple mounting requirements. A wide range of elastomers for standard and special applications enable its use in practically all liquid and gaseous media.
Our wide range comprises o-rings in different materials:

Our offer also comprises vulcanized o-rings and retaining rings.

Oil and rotary shaft seals

Oil and rotary shaft seals are used for excluding dirt, dust water or other particles, while retaining lubricant in rotary shaft equipment (engines, pumps, wind power plants). The primary function of an oil seal is to prevent internal system fluids from leaking. The secondary function is to keep external contamination from entering the system, thus improving efficiency and extending the life of the system.

Our wide range of seals comprises all standard and other sealants for specific requirements. We also offer a Speedy-Sleeve seal for a quick and effective repair of a worn shaft.

We offer a wide range of sealant materials for various applications, from the general purpose sealant materials to the technically most demanding!

Common sealing materials used for radiant shaft seals include FKM/PFM, NBR, HNBR, PTFE, VMQACM, exceptionally EPDM and other materials. For more demanding users we can deliver AISI 302 from our stock and AISI 316 upon order. We can also deliver dust lip seals.


Sealing technology

Seals protect the machine elements against foreign particles and humidity. The right application and handling of seals extends the life of machinery, equipment and parts, thus contributing to their harmonious running. Seals prevent leakage while joining systems or mechanisms together. They can also maintain pressure or prevent contamination (eg. the pipeline system).The performance of the sealing element depends on the adhesion of the seal and the pressure.

Our wide range of seals comprises:

We also manufacture non-standard seals from different materials NBR, EPDM, Viton (FKM seals), Silicone, Teflon and many others.

For urgent matters you can get the seal manufactured within 24hours!

Linear modules

Linear modules are universally applicable for a variety of linear positioning tasks. Linear modules are relatively lightweight and suitable in applications where space is limited. They can transmit high forces and torques in all axes.
Our offer comprises linear modules available in various sizes and lengths already provided with a flange. You can choose between different spindle thread pitches and the flange sizes for different types of motors. They are available in different lengths and various spindle threads. Linear modules are also available with anti-corrosion protection as well as the bellows and aluminium lids against environmental contamination. It is also possible to attach the limit switches or the encoder.

Linear motors (rotary tables)

Linear motors are widely used for a variety of linear positioning tasks. They are particularly suitable for higher speeds and frequencies of movements without backlash. In cases of higher speed and frequency of movements, linear motors are used as an efficient alternative to linear modules. Some linear motors may even run up to 30 metres.
Linear motors basically differ by the design of the core engine. They may be coreless or with an iron core. Position reading is possible with an incremental or absolute optical or magnetic encoder.

Our offer comprises a wide range of Hiwin high quality products. A TTL output signal is also available as well as the application of protection bellows.

Linear actuators

Linear actuators create motion in a straight line. They are used for moving and lifting loads in cases where it is not possible to use air or hydraulic cylinders. They have a small apparent mass, provide reliable and relatively quiet operation and do not require any special maintenance. In addition to industrial automation and machinery, linear actuators are more and more used in everyday life for eg. assembly, furniture moving, sun panels, antennas, door opening etc.
We offer a wide variety of actuators, depending on stroke length, speed and stroke force.

Linear shafts and bearings

Linear ball bushing bearings are designed to provide free motion in one direction although they also provide rotation. Because they provide low friction linear movement they can bear heavy loads. In most cases ball bushings replace sliding bearings made of bronze or sintered materials.

Our offer comprises a wide range of corrosion resistant stainless steel linear guides of standard lengths and ball bushings. For linear guides we also provide various forms of supports and final brackets.

We offer custom-made linear guides!
In our linear centre we cut linear guides to the desired length.

Ball screws and nuts

Trapezoid spindles and nuts are probably the oldest, the most traditional, simple and cheap way of converting rotational motion into linear motion. They are mostly used for clamps and vises. Trapezoid spindles and nuts can be used as an alternative for leadscrews. Because they can be additionally machined, they can also be a cheaper alternative for ball screws.

We have in stock the Hiwin rolled ball screw spindles in tolerance class T7, and at a short notice we can also deliver peeled ball screw spindles in tolerance class T5.

Custom-made machining!
In our liner centre we can provide nut end caps and nut tightening machining. We also stock ball screws and nuts with ant-corrosion protection.

Linear rails and blocks

Linear guide rails and blocks are the basic components of linear technology that help support linear motion. They can lead load in all four directions and planes and due to their ease of movements and low friction resistance they are used to transport heavy loads.

Our range comprises different product families depending on the shape and load capacity. We also offer linear guide rails and blocks with anti-corrosion protection and linear blocks in a variety of shapes and fixing options, with ball roll system or rolling rail system. Miniature ball rail systems are also available.
Because each manufacturer manufactures a different rail profile, substitution of products is not possible.

In our linear centre, we cut linear guide rails to the desired length!

Linear motion technology

With the linear technology component we solve the issue of precise rotation of machine parts. Since they are standardized, they allow modular building and simplified construction. Linear technology components are distinguished by high rigidity and robustness, exceptional precision, low friction and long life. By using the linear technology components, we can build quickly and efficiently, assuring reliable operation.

Linearna tehnika

Our range of products comprises:

Custom-treated spindles!
In our linear cutting centre we cut profile linear guide rails, linear shafts, spindle ball bearings and trapezoidal spindles to the desired length. Based on your sketches, we can provide the ball bearing end cups machining.

Retaining rings and keyways

A retaining ring is a fastener that holds components or assemblies onto a shaft. It is used for the positioning and the protection of the machine parts.

Keyways are the machine elements used to connect a rotating machine element to a shaft. They prevent relative rotation between the two parts and may enable torque transmission. They are used in machine engineering and machine maintenance.

We stock standard retaining rings and keyway strips in all standard sizes.

Clamping elements

Clamping rings enable quick and reliable contact between the two components being coupled. It is possible to dismantle the connection. In the case of large overloads, the rings may slide down, thus protecting the drive.

Gears and racks

A gear is a rotation machine part having cut teeth which mesh with another toothed part to transmit torque. An advantage of gears is that the teeth of a gear prevent slippage. They can enable higher gear ratios and have a very big practical value in general engineering.

Our wide range of gears comprises spur gear and helical gear spindles as well as spur bevel and helical bevel gears.

Gears can be of various materials: for less- load carrying capacity they are made of plastic and for bigger-load carrying capacity of metal. Due to the minimization of friction, worm gears can be made of a non-ferrous metal alloy.

Couplings and clutches

Couplings and clutches are indispensable elements of all machine drives where variable speed operation and controlled start-up without shock loading of the power transmission system is essential.

We offer a wide range of couplings of various materials and sizes. We have in stock muffler couplings that allow slightly imperfect alignment of the two shafts and claw couplings with rubber seals, which are good shock dumpers.

Electric motors and motor mounts

As electric motors practically drive all machines they are applicable in all industries. They have high performance and are environmentally friendly as they do not pollute the air.
Our offer comprises Motovario and Elektroprecizia AC three phase asynchronous motors. They are designed for connection to AC power source.

Speed gearboxes

Gearboxes are the fundamental component of many drive systems. We use them when we want to reduce higher engine speeds to slower wheel speeds, increasing torque in the process. Gearboxes are used in a wide variety of applications such as conveyors, processing machines, elevators, etc.

Our range of gearboxes is divide into input and output shafts (axis or non intersecting). On some models you can choose between aluminium and grey cast iron housing. All models are modular, meaning that a variety of power drive units can be attached.

Gearboxes can be divided according to the shape and the position of input and output shaft.

1. when the axes of two shafts are parallel , the cylindrical gears are used:

  • spur gears
  • helical gears
  • pinion gears
  • internal spur gears

2. When the axes of two shafts intersect at the same point, the bevel gears are used. A bevel gear is shaped like right circular cone with most of its tip cut off. The most common are:

  • straight bevel gears
  • bevel gears
  • zerol bevel gears
  • hypoid bevel gears

3. In the case when shafts do not intersect we use hyperboloid gears:

  • Spiral involute gears are bevel gears with helical teeth. The angular velocity between two gears must remain constant throughout the mesh.
  • A double worm gear can be a helical gear or a globoid worm gear.

Standard roller chains, connecting links and sprockets

A roller chain is the type of chain drive most commonly used for the transmission of mechanical power on many kinds of domestic, industrial and agricultural machinery. It is a simple, reliable, and efficient means of power transmission. Roller chains can be power chains, load chains and transport chains. There are various types of load chains depending on the shape and the number of restraints, while the type of power chain depends on the number of parallel chain links.

We offer different roller chains with respect to the shape and the size of the chain link:

  • Load chains
  • Power chains
  • Transport chain link


A pulley is designed to support movement and change of direction of a cable or belt along its circumference. Pulleys are widely used in a variety of applications to lift loads, apply forces, transmit power and drive the low and medium power machines.
Pulleys are divided into three main categories: flat pulleys, V-pulleys and toothed pulleys.


Belts are the cheapest utility for power transmission between shafts that may not be axially aligned. Belts help protect the machinery from overload. The belt drive is simple, they need no lubrication and require minimum maintenance. They have high efficiency rate (90-98%, usually 95%) and are of relatively low cost. As the demands on a belt drive transmission system are large, this has led to many variations of their use.

We offer only the belts of the top quality transmission belt producers!

Our wide range of belts comprises all standard and non-standard sizes and profiles, belts for special applications, belt linings and belt profiles for:

  • GENERAL INDUSTRY: industrial belts are the most prevalent group of belts we know. Belts may be used as a source of motion to carry loads in different systems or to transmit power efficiently. In our offer you can find all types of belts such as V-belts, toothed belts, ribbed belts, flat belts, round belts, etc.
  • AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY: we offer V-belts, toothed belts and ribbed belts for cars and commercial vehicles. We also offer belt tensioner kits.
  • AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY: the boundaries of machinery performance have moved with the progress of belt technology and high-tech belt drive systems. Depending on the model, we offer high quality belts of various producers: Pix, Optibelt, Megadyne, BANDO and Rubena.

We guarantee high quality custom-made PU belt welding in OEM quality! »»

We provide cutting and machining of standard toothed, ribbed (mycro or poly-v belts), flat and connected belts to the desired length and width. We also provide custom-made splicing of round profiles.

Power transmission

Power transmission has a broad scope of use because it allows the conversion of energy with minimal losses. It plays a major role in automation where the components are used to transfer and control the transmission power to the user quickly and accurately. It is used in virtually all industries, engineering and transport. It is mostly applied as the electrical power transmission, while other applications cover the control and the transmission of mechanical energy.

Pogonska tehnika


We offer a wide range of power transmission components:

Installation and removal tools

Besides wide range of bearing types we also offer special tools for mounting and dismounting of bearings and transmission parts. High quality tools are highly cost-effective and appropriate for all types of industries, such as Rail, Wind, Steel and Mining.

Mechanical tools for mounting and dismounting bearings consists of:

  • mounting: induction and electrical heaters, mounting tools,
  • dismounting: mechanical and hydraulic pullers,
  • hydraulics: cylinders, pumps and jacks,
  • bearing diagnostics instruments.

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We offer wide range of bearing types for different industrial applications. You can choose from numerous bearings of premium brands in stock. We offer complete and professional service in choosing the proper type and dimension of bearing.

Our comprehensive range of bearings of the world leading brands

  • Ball bearing,
  • single row roller bearing,
  • needle bearing,
  • spherical roller bearing,
  • tapered roller bearing,
  • axial ball bearing,
  • axial roller bearing,
  • axial needle bearing,
  • axial spherical roller bearing,
  • combined bearing,
  • super- precision bearing,
  • support rollers and cam followers,
  • bearing with housing,
  • bearing housing,
  • split bearing,
  • tensile and suspension bushes,
  • sliding bearing,
  • spherical plain bearing,
  • rod- end bearing.
  • bearing bushes,
  • mounting nuts,
  • protective washers,
  • bearing balls,
  • rollers and needles,
  • retaining rings,
  • ILOS o- rings,
  • all kinds of grease guns,
  • mechanics tools for mounting and dismounting of bearings, ect.

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Bearing technology

Over many years of experience and knowledge we became a specialist for all ranges of bearings in Adriatic region. Our product range contains bearings suitable for standard and advanced applications, exclusively tailored to your individual needs. Suitable for many industry sectors such as Construction, Minig, Steel, Paper, Agricultural equipment, Industrial robots and many more. We represent bearings from worldwide leading manufacturers – FAG, ROLLWAY, NACHI, NTN. Diverse price ranges available – express delivery service.


Our wide product range consists of more than 45.000 bearing types

for light and heavy loads.

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